amr dar

Credit and Collections Manager
November 8, 1983

About Candidate

Dear Recruitment Team,

As a highly skilled Senior Credit and collections Manager, I have included my resume for your consideration. I have over fifteen years of experience in the Credit and collections/ Debt Recovery / Finance Management field & I have worked at two of the most successful credit & collection companies in Kuwait. Proficient in computer skills with working knowledge in Microsoft Office Suite, Lotus Notes software, and a few Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) including SAP, Oracle, Orion, NetSuite & accounting packages. I have the training & the skill to be able to functionally lead credit management & maximize productivity by setting an efficient credit control policy & proper collections standards.

I have outstanding communication skills and work well with all types of people. This & my dedication to my work make me the best candidate for such a position.


You are most welcome to contact me, Thank you in advance for your consideration & best regards,

Amr Darrag

Credit & Collections Manager

Mobile: +965 66337430

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) Major (Accounting) 2006
Alexandria University, Egypt

Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) Major (Accounting)

Work & Experience

Credit & Collections Manager November 2019 - Present
Gulf Cryo

Oversaw day-to-day operations of credit and collections for three (3) divisions/business units for a leading gas manufacturer & distributor in the Middle East, offering industrial, medical, & specialty gases for a wide range of industries. Hire, train, direct, coach & spearhead the activities of a team of eight (8) credit & collections specialists engaged in the collection of overdue payments, responsible for all decisions regarding sales and collections of credit transactions for one of the largest gas manufacturer & distributor in the Middle East.  Investigate and verify the financial status and reputation of prospective customers applying for credit, review credit references and data to determine applicant suitability.  Evaluate and provide analysis, conclusion, and recommendations to determine credit line amounts, communicate information to customers and team members.  Review and adjust credit lines on a regular basis, revoke lines of credit upon receipt of external information pertinent to the financial strength of the account.  Identify problematic accounts & negotiate payment settlement plans with delinquent customers.  Employed processes and procedures for evaluating customer financials and setting and changing credit lines/limits, as well as credit holds, implemented liens as necessary to major delinquent accounts.  Monitored reconciliation process for all transactions & A/R balances.  Manage the accounts receivable department, analyze delinquent accounts and prepare reports on highest-risk accounts including recommendations for resolution.  Organize collection work load according to degree & amount of delinquency & assign accounts to staff for collection, assist subordinates with collection activities in difficult cases.  Prepared collection statistics reports for management.  Handle all legal commercial cases for or against the company & coordinate with our legal firm to attend court expert appointments.

Credit & Collections Manager August 2016 - October 2019
Boodai Trading Company.

I’m Managing collection team, setting collection targets & the related plans actions, developing & administrating the credit & collection programs for the company, handling all investigations of credit risk for customers & suppliers, handling legal cases, monitoring the collection of amounts due to these companies also I designed & implemented a new credit policy & collection process to improve cash flow & reduce receivables. Career Assignments & Job Description:  Planning, evaluating, implementing and continuously improving all aspects of credit & collection functions and processes.  Assisting in formulation of specific collection objectives and achievement of same.  Ensuring professional relationships are established and maintained with clients and attorneys.  Working closely with CFO & the GM to respond to credit and collection concerns with existing and potential clients.  Direct interaction with selected clients in resolving receivables delinquencies.  Created a credit risk management environment of an acceptable quality, in terms of established credit  Managed account receivables and all related functions; renegotiated account receivable balances, streamlined processes, and improved client retention rates.  Monitored violations of credit policies and took appropriate action.  Compiled and reported all bad debts and credit losses on a monthly basis; monitored delinquent accounts carefully and coordinated collections with third party contractors.  Interfaced and assisted sales representatives with data for customers regarding delinquency, daily sales outstanding (DSO), and payment history; resolved rates and discrepancy issues.  Evaluated and improved existing information technology within the Credit function.  Facilitated monthly meetings with Credit and Sales staff.  Handle and follow up with all legal cases for or against the group.  Review, approve and advise on all credit sales of the group.

Head of Credit & Collections August 2010 - July 2016
Alghanim Industries Co

I am overseeing collection management procedures and activities, including collection reviews and evaluations, providing data for reports and analyses related to collections development and maintenance as required by the high management also I am Leading and managing collections assessment and development by analyzing company data, usage statistics and other metrics for decision-making. I am engaging, managing and working directly to improve the activities of the credit department for the organization & I determine what new accounts will be established for new customers by reviewing and researching credit payment history and by obtaining further information if necessary also I evaluate, provide analysis, conclusion and recommendations to determine credit line amounts and communicate this information to customers and other team members of the company , I review and adjust credit lines on a regular basis or when requested for existing accounts and I revoke lines of credit upon receipt of external information pertinent to financial strength of account , I am also engaged in conducting credit investigations and collecting delinquent accounts and communicating all credit related issues to high management. Career Assignments & Job Description:  Achieving the goals of DSO through maximizing collections and minimizing bad debt provisions & ensuring that credit related policies are implemented.  Developing the credit policy and the procedures of it.  Coordinating with operating managers and central trade credit to assess the credit worthiness of new and existing customers and I am making recommendations on credit limits.  Developing and then periodically review credit limits for all credit customers.  Controlling the credit risk management environment of an acceptable quality, in terms of established credit guidelines.  Assisting in developing acceptable credit policies.  Analyzing delinquent accounts and preparing report on highest risk accounts including recommendations for resolution.  Interacting with customers to obtain additional credit information to support credit lines.  Reconciling transactions and balances to maintain accurate accounts.  Initiating credits and adjustments to customer accounts within company policy limits.  Checking for credit viability on requests for extended terms, and evaluate various adjustments or exception documents.  Submitting requests to high management and supporting documentation for accounts requiring credit lines.  Researching and making decisions on finance charges.  Maintaining bad debt and bad debt recovery records.  Monitoring receivables and collections and providing updates of receivables and providing appropriate reporting procedures.  Identifying problem accounts and providing regular updates of receivables to management.  Negotiating payment programs with delinquent customers.  Identifying accounts requiring collection agency or legal action and coordinates collections with third party contractors.  Monitoring violations of credit policies, providing analysis, conclusion and recommendations, present findings to high management and suggest actions/penalties to be taken when appropriate.  Developing processes and procedures for evaluating customer financials and setting and changing credit lines/limits, as well as credit holds, implementing liens as necessary to major delinquent account as approved.  Generates legal documents used in the credit function. Monitoring & reporting  Leading the monthly receivables meetings engaging with senior operating managers, directors to identify key issues and agree corrective actions.  Issuing weekly status report on progress.  Proactively anticipate developments, and identify accounts that will require special attention e.g. receivables attracting bad debt provisioning.  Assisting in ensuring the integrity of customer data. Documentation  Working with the Financial Controller to ensure that reconciliation targets on accounts receivable are achieved.  Ensuring timely and effective communication with all customers to ensure timely collection of receivables (dunning of statements of accounts) Collection  Coordinate collection efforts with Alghanim Central Trade Credit.  Coordinate collection efforts within Alghanim group with all operations managers.  Developing effective working relationship with senior accounts payable personnel from key customer accounts to facilitate timely payments  Work with Alghanim legal department to initiate legal proceedings and resolve disputes as required Team development  Developing and guiding direct reports to improve their skills and impact (e.g. debt collectors training, journey plans, key account management etc.)

Credit Collections Officer September 2006 - July 2010
Al Mulla Group

I was working as credit collection officer and the management had recruited me to support the Accounts Receivables and guide the collection team to achieve the collection target and implement the credit/collection policy, where my appointment was due to the management’s expectations of my skills & capabilities in managing the Accounts Receivables. Career Assignments & Job Description:  Reviews on Daily basis all invoices closed to Accounts receivable for proper documentation and pricing.  Reviews on daily basis the aging report and ensure proper follow up and collection calls are done to customers to collect any outstanding.  Allocates and reconcile all payments against invoices.  Prepares all documents for monthly credit meetings and highlights any unresolved issue with customers or overdue accounts. Ensure that all transactions are within the Credit Policy  Explain and train the Credit Sales Staff on all matters related to Credit and Collection Policy and Procedure  Independently handle and resolve all matters related to defaulting customers referred for legal action, and transfer to the legal department.  Research and assess all risk issues related to granting credit facilities whether to existing and/or new customers, including analysis of credit worthiness.  Negotiated of all terms and conditions of the Credit Facilities Agreement with customers especially, credit terms (duration, and payment mode whether cash or guarantees) and setting up service level agreements and credit limits.  Managed the collection procedures and monitored posting and allocation of payments within the ERP application.  Analyzed the causes of bad and doubtful debts and implement course of arrangements to counter similar future problems and reduce company’s exposure